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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony
 We Forget The Same Alter Ego?
Listen to My Alter Ego
Countries and a people
are not different from
the mechanical devices
our dreams use nightly
keep going during days
without extra thinking
Connections I had made
lucid dreams the night
activity we all ignore
is the answer to lives
Take advantage of that
you can move mountains
You ignore the message
at a real disadvantage
Did We Forget Anything
If here were suspicion
implanted in the child
mind of an unconscious
it is not happy dreams
I remember that person
he made me feel guilty
when not understanding
what we had done wrong
It all came back to me
via this dream tonight
carried through all my
living never forgotten
Think what US children
of TV Brains get today
A Not The Same Anymore
As my world destructed
in the dream it is not
a noticeable something
we would have expected
Truths ceased to exist
Ordinary lives outside
became a surreal world
just happening one day
This bizarre disrepair
of an ancient Mercedes
or fixtures insecurely
just accepted that way
found making exception
this order of this day
(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
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