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P oetry Oofferings from Frank Anthony | Poem

  PoetryOfferings from Frank Anthony

Beyond the Crap OnNBC

With Life In his Hands

The Drums

If We Can BelieveAll This

Be All That YouCan Be

When you See A Someone

Immcaulate Conceptions

A Republican Democracy

Manifesto Of Happiness

Put Him Together Again

Pharaoh Was A Wise Man

More Than You Can Chew

Better FrankiesBehave

Time To Smell OurRose

Baghdad Comes Together

Those Three BlindMice

We Forget the SameAlter Ego?

Gathering Together?

When Great NationsDie

How Shall We Know Them

OhThey Remember Daddy


Ante Bellum Status Quo

Bush Inc: The Killing Machine

Leave It To the Copany Store


with Helen Caldicott

withRichard Eberhart

Great Women

short bio

New England Writers

How Shall We Know Them
    Poor Marilyn

You are richest of men
have been in a bondage
hanging by your wrists
about which not escape
the TRUTH set you free
Kennedy kills Kopeckne
OJ Simpson hate memory
Cardinal above the Law
all wait to be exposed
with burning Bush boys
master minds of crimes
on these rings of hell
in the poor human mind

Let Prometheus Unbound
Of the UNbelievers End
The Imperialists

It has come down to it
one always hanging out
the last candle is lit
is past room for doubt
He has only one friend
left in the dark world
who will go to the end
have eternity unfurled
final clinker put away
nothing left to forage
only one leach to stay
together over the edge
It all black over here
All gone what was dear

US Adolph Sickelgruber

Wednesday and Midwoche
is the same in Germany
the middle of the week
People there more free
than under this matrix
this mold of something
in here something else
our evil is developing
Each ignorant American
is ein sick stereotype
of the master hooligan
created by Jewish hype
The propaganda machine

Jesus Christ or Hitler

All of life is changed
where there was action
my world is rearranged
Hail the new redaction
As if a child was born
whose touch means life
or white robe of death
measured future strife
He came preaching love
a kinder gentler world
black falcon or a dove
Who gave US this churl
who said I can do that

This Enterprise System
  Good Old Boys

This project a process
is besides many pusher
boys who go mad unless
everybody shall concur
Rather like the Wizard
who has US for peasant
types in US land of OZ
here who just pay rent
live out lives because
like making US cookies
in my useless computer
something eats them up
Who cares how she goes
so long as I do profit

I dreamed of this processof making bread, something everyone has to have, not caring why or how. Then there is the system, and someone running it, who has no interest inthe process, only the end.
This end we never see, isnever there, is the past.

Gotta Kill To Prove It

The moron out in Texas
is waiting to see Able
to say we can annex US
Saddam a Muslim stable
Two hundred Iraq sites
of no mass destruction
is HIS Budweiser Lites
Washington Frustration
Dubya needs the excuse
to do it for his daddy
sick being the caboose
A trained family caddy
minus the family balls
Yaley Fraternity calls


     FrankAnthony changed from medicine to poetry when he was influenced by RobertPenn Warren at Minnesota. Since 1984 he has been using nightly, lucid dreamsto create the BRIK form which is 13 or 14 lines long by 22 spaces/characterswide. Dr. Anthony has
poems, prose and interviewsin journals, magazines and on the Internet. He
lives in Windsor Vermontwith his wife Sue.


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