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Ante Bellum Status Quo | Poem

Ante Bellum Status Quo
The State Before the War

by Frank Anthony

        Suddenly, the people whowrite poetry occupy half a page in the art
section of the Sunday daily paper; the great unwatched hear somethingnew about poetry.

        It turns out the wife ofthe Pharaoh had a lady in waiting send word to the scribes, via keeperof the scrolls, that the royal audience she had
arranged is cancelled.

        Agreed, the scribes had intendedto complain about Warsaw and famine in the land when the Queen had planneda party that was to lift the popularity of the King.

        Tranquillity has to be restored,to repair a rupture in any hot air
balloon, otherwise the gas escapes and the pressure gone reveals thereis
only a slack sack.

        A sales keeper of old scrollsinvites all the poets, especially those
on political subsidy, to come to an ancient church and read poems aboutthe past.

        The gathering, of what turnsout to be a dead poets lament, lends a
veil of credence to the lack of opposition to dissention and
dissatisfaction in the land.

        Peace and calm, of the homelandhas been restored, stores are filled
with happy shoppers again, who support new wars that will bring jobsfor
young soldiers. Prosperity reigns.

        The poets have gone backto teaching other poets of ancient history,
especially war is popular, while rooms are being prepared for thosewho do not understand the system.

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