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The Unanswered 


"Autumnal leaf" "Yeah, what is it now?"

"Where are you going?" "I'm blowing in 

the breeze on crumbling wings.

"Autumnal leaf what's you goal in life?"

" Don't be so bloody daft, how can I have 

goal or a life, when torn away from my 

mother tree, other than be soil again"

"Autumnal leaf" "Sigh, what do you want

my inquisitive friend?" "Do you long to see?

the ocean again and drown in its vastness?"

"Get lost meddlesome mind, I refuse to be

a sentimental man, my idea of an ocean was

a picture postcard sent by a dream from

Paradise anyway and had nothing to do with 

reality. Ask no more, let the foregone be 

a melancholic smile"

- Jay Oskar Hansen

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