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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

Baghdad Comes Together
   aburbe condita

Those two young Buffos
making current history
got two heads together
decided who is a Rolls
Royce driver in Worlds
divide their countries
and who this Chevrolet
Israel using machining
Muslims their oblivion
Which can steal US oil
ignited lamps of China
Who started Armageddon
where good and bad end
The Last Boys Are Boys
Two naughty young boys
as their lives spoiled
surprising them selves
decided play the trick
of remaking this world
into their play things
play pen dream project
so they met each other
these twin Pied Pipers
men of much variegated
took over tinsel towns
Washington with London
bridges burning behind
Cruise Hit Over Israel
   Monkey Business
As if Throne Pretender
Bush has anything todo
with this Space Agency
he will attend funeral
for this unlucky seven
astronauticality parts
actual flesh and blood
Space Agency remaining
older worn out machine
scattered on Palestine
like 800 Cruise Rocket
Georgie Bush surprises
US Mammon can exchange
for all that extra oil
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