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To Be All That You Can
  For Our Future 500
Aristotle thought hope
a quality the movement
of which imponderables
waited for the century
Octogenarians on pills
and a quadruple bypass
live sending the young
to die in foreign wars
That we are guaranteed
a pursuit of happiness
the world has not seen
since the days of Rome
US quality is strained
One Voice Calls It War
    And War Is Hell
We Were the world hope
of the mute suppressed
voices one cannot hear
do we dare shut it out
Rome called blood Holy
it shed for the Empire
Hitler used the excuse
and set worlds on fire
Bush dynasty renegades
imperceptibly push USA
on a date with destiny
dictates a fundamental
Christian Judeo Schism
The Institute Of Ideas
    Higher Education
Had the guts to expose
the best little secret
the Qatar USA military
was born up in Hanover
as US Dartmouth Review
General Rogers support
a Enterprize Institute
decided a Qatar before
bin Ladens and Hussein
US financed to destroy
Iran and Russian Pride
How many men have died
Boards of Director ego

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony

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