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Better Frankies Behave | Poem


Poetry Offering from FrankAnthony

Better Frankies Behave

Who is the independent
person whose decisions
meant if I live or die
Why allow her to exist
is my burning question
Where does my money go
after my labor is done
Why is one man wealthy
another abject poverty
How is one evil person
more evil than another
Who decides who is God
Tomorrow I am the boss
She got out of my life
Texas Team Petered Out
     US Shut Out

A retard in Washington
and Tony Boy in London
Black Boy from Islands
US winning combination
tried to lid to the UN
fooled our people once
but no the old country
exposed US cowboy ruse
phony information used
Abort US killing spree
cover for stealing oil
traded on Euro dollars
Zion find another boob
Twin Tower for US tube
Love A Handful Of Dust
    Bush Heritage

Someone runs the store
and after this funeral
the widow dining alone
remembers another year
Here was no guest book
cook no meat on Sunday
She will dare to dream
Wonder how old you get
forget to ask the ages
if life looks inviting
When she will discover
how they downsize fear
my new casket is ready
and we can go upstairs

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
Reprints with credits

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