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Beyond the Crap On NBC | Poem

Beyond The Crap On NBC
       Tell Me
Why to give you thanks
in desensitized worlds
who in hell is you God
am on my knees to what
Should be desire under
The game children play
my Waterford Christmas
Tree with the trimming
She has the rear ended
look who hates lawyers
consider going Walmart
somewhere for her F 16
clear head fresh start

The Sublime Ridiculous
   Over The Rainbow
Someday it is going to
be time for you to die
so do everyone a favor
drag stuff the auction
sell it all not needed
as if we are not blind
to the house of things
a life has accumulated
Dream says life cannot
Go to this after world
Where choices all gone
Must take just deserts
Will God not be a ball

The Leader Of The Band
      Struck Out
Between this Commander
sucking up mercenaries
and a Pagan God of Pop
The AP fed USA Hillary
US Alice in Wonderland
The only thing missing
was the latest Tin Man
out there in Hollywood
Austrian Keystone Copy
Bin Laden with Hussein
Our old Macy ballooned
USUN Democracy symbols
White Crosby Bob Dopes
American As Apple Pies
    And Anti Social
Young boys will be boy
Friends long they hang
together there is fear
the problem can expand
Pushing my lawn mowers
earn twenty five cents
kept me out of trouble
Then I met counterpart
together we is trouble
he Black an I is White
A old Huck and Tom Boy
All have same problems
Freud called it libido

(c)2003 Frank Anthony

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