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Bush Inc. The Killing Machine | Poem


14 January 2003

Bush Inc. The Killing Machine
by Frank Anthony

Another former Marine, Ed McMahon, who praised a questionable magazine sponsored, instant millionaire racket for years, is seen now, in TV ads, praising our dead service men. Our children do not deserve pushers of war like this.

War is not as glamorous as films make it to be. It is, to me, the
rottenest profession known to man.

First, war trains young people to "be all they can be", then to hate
and kill. The hate game has been brewing ever since we got whipped in Korea and Vietnam. It was the numbers that did US in then and a war against Muslims would do US in again. A country that believes in Democracy does not sanction murder or mass destruction.

Now comes the problem of Iraq, the country that kept our military
industrialists happy by using our weapons of mass destruction against Iran who had kicked out, our US stooge, the Shaw. Iranian naval officers I
interviewed then for Vermont Public Radio, told me they were hated by
Israel and the US, they knew their enemies covet their oil.

We then told Saddam Hussein, through our state department's April
Glasspie, we would not mind if Iraq went after Kuwait for slant drill
stealing, via a Texas company, Iraqi oil. The same Bush, who as CIA
director had set up the fall of Jimmy Carter, set up Congressional approval
for war against Iraq, murdering thousands of their citizens at a cost of
only a few dozen Americans, all paid for by the "Allies".

Sound familiar? It should. These Bush "War Lords" go back to George's grandfather who is alleged to have been in league with Hitler's I Farben Company to build the camps that held Jews, including Auschwitz. To offset the scandal of the US government seizing Bush Blood money, after World War II, the son joined US Air Force Reserve to look like a hero, not bothering to attend required meetings.

George Bush senior directed the entire mess with Noriega and Oliver North another marine touting hero. Thousands of innocent Panamanians died form that deal. Strange how the worst criminals use the marines to hide their evil deeds. It is stranger than fiction, and quite a story some day, of deception, destruction and worldwide mass murder, as never before in US history. And the beat goes on.

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