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If We Can Believe This
    Can Have All
And I work hard enough
And I work long enough
We can have everything
It is possible to want
The body is connecting
The mind is connecting
The soul is connecting
The time is connecting
So all life is passing
So all dreams are gone
So love is of the past
So my dreams can leave
This way feelings came
As We Live So We Leave
      Our Life
For each strong action
then is equal reaction
the opposite direction
our law of oppositions
If we believe in truth
we have only to resist
the force if evil with
understanding patience
Evil actions generated
by the king of US evil
will all come to roost
where devils had begun
in the land of Abraham
Meet On The Other Side
   If You Choose
For each beating heart
has this special story
my world needs to hear
how does one get to it
Through secret passage
my special combination
has allowed us to come
this far so no problem
is able to stop us now
unless you are to stop
at a prearranged place
about which I know not
the answer to the game
c) 2003 Frank Anthony

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