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The Death of We | Poem

The Death of We

Innocent are the slain,
Who were executed in the night,
All slaughter is greed and fear,
Of a life lived too long in death

The price of works are judged,

By those who believe in blessings most. So why so little left?
And even the little now gets transgressed,

That is no Law of Nature,

It is a thing with no tears uttered,

And anger, in or out, told not,
Know who?

Once, by human words written,

You were told to die,

In all the final condemnations

       Of life, the act final,

The act yet in nature,
All praises were loud!
When life loved that saying,

And how loudly we have as soon forgotten,

That it, too, is a wonder,

Often we see that the plain is not all,
This planetary killing puts

no one off...
...the other side, confess it!!

Must I human us by wounds?? Nor feel

all in voice, anciently human??

Each to each we do not speak,

Of the killing of ourselves,
So what of war?
Agree, must I? Then with them

       comes the Yes of life,
The eagle singing in circles,
Woe, who is the coward?

We are the poisons of life.

...if wolves could speak in human voice,
we would as soon go howling,
...to scorn the moon with our agonies:
...if wolves trapped humans,
i would as soon shut up,
i would go howling-

And if whales spoke in human voice,

& tried to sell my blood for neon,

or tore my arms and legs from my body,

to turn me into lipstick for young whales
I would sound the oceans!
...and beach myself to death,

...to die in the confusions of No Progress///

- Michael Warren Eliseuson