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A poem a day to the Millennium December 19, 1999

Voyages II

  Dawn is suffusively moist,
  Eclecticly alive,  heavy of promise
  In nostrils that conjure braziers in
  Tonga and Hokkaido. Yet
  The day outside our window is filled with
  Figures leaning into a clamorous
  Wind, tilting at geltmills with
  Nikean strides, proud in regal
  Headlessness designed for speed
  We choose not to match.
  The gift we're granted now leaves
  Statues ranked down the endless beach:
  Our time (moving  at a pace so langorous
  That speed is frozen) makes waves into
  Symphonies, play of seals into all
  The cantatas Bach failed to write.
  The tactile becomes a continent: its
  Exploration opens vistas where colors
  Lie outside the known and fall to us for
  Naming. How delightful that you share a word
  With the brightest hue of sunrise.
- David Mitchell

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