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(June 23, 1940 - August 21, 2011)


In the court of the
Dowager Empress of Time
Sits one last seamstress.

ed. note: David Mitchell's complete collection
can be downloaded free as an e-book or purchase chapbook directly from him

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How I knew What to Do

Often in the Fog

Apostatic Succession

The Utility of Gnatflies

Abroad Among the Limbless

Haiku Collections:

Menuscape, Hume at Last, At the St. Michel Cafe

Drawing the Shades, The Locust Eaters, Slowdays, Tearscapes

Galapagos, The Gennif(f)er Genes, May, Dawn Moire, Disembarkation

Astrolabes,  Chanticleer and Morpheus,  Dialog,  Sphinx  Syllabary, Thaw, The Physic of Taoism

Eagle Poems:

Cwyanna Dyr  * Aquila


A Dark Hole In Time

A Gift

A Lovely Day for Borscht Fish

A Modern Carollette for Dodgson

Adagio in Zzzzz Minor

Afternoon of a Biblioparadisiac

Ah Dylan, Dylan

Belle Ardoise -- I



Compass Rose and the Gypsy Will

Compendium Humanum

Concertina in F-Stop Major


Cursive Reclaimed

Cutting Corners - I; Cutting Corners II




Doubling Duplicity

Eleven Red-Haired Men

Epitaph for Floyd


Father Time Contemplates Mass

Fingersongs - I

For Edna, and John, and All

For Jessica and the Williams

For Mimi Farina: Bread and Roses

From A to Z and Back Again


Heard On the Concertina Wire

Helicocochoidal Figmentation

Hexing the Circle

In Praise of Thumbs

In the Mailstrom

In Sacramental Jeans


Just the Other End of the Block

Life Dead Center

Listening for Another Bach


Morphing the Weenie: an Exorcism

MS Found In A Guinness Cap

MS Found in a Guinness Cap IV Twixt Sisyphus and Socrates

Night Squall

Now the Other MM's Gone

Obbligatto for Poets

On the Season of the Slug

Orders of the Night

On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Poetry

On the Constancy of Fluxes

On the Gatesian Portello

On Those Last White Nights


Passing the Solstice

Patchen up the Breeches


Priming the Pumpkin


Reflections on a Tuffet

Refrain Ad Inf.

Renaissance of the Barons

Report from the Bindlesphere

Return to Ogygia

Rounding Up to Zero

Scaling the Psicinnines

Sculptor's Midnight

Spring Song

Standing Prematurely Before Benedictio's Tomb

Sunrise over the Santa Lucias

The Ballad of Saint Louis, the Unfrocked Cardinal

The Blue Writer

The Departure of Roses

The Encampment

The Hillock and the Holly

The Infinite Regress of Dawn

The Mariner Hitchhikes in a Drought

The Odds On Oregano

The Oblivionist: I, The Oblivionist: II

The Poet's Solstice

The Poet's Apologia

The Salving of Earth's Heart I

The Salving of Earth's Heart II

The Warmth of the Sun - I, The Warmth of the Sun - II

Thoughts on Satie

Tora Torah Torus

You Gave Me a Sheaf of Yellow Poems

Voyages II

Varanasi: Outside...Archbishop'sGarden


Poems honorably chosen for poem of the day:

An Olympian Lesson

Surfing the Background Radiation

Leprechaunly Admonition

You Gave Me a Sheaf of Yellowed Poems

MS Found in...Twixt Sisyphus and Socrates

The Infinite Regress of Dawn

Still - Air

Priming the Pumpkin


Voyages II

"get in touch"


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