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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

   History Knows Crime & Punishment

These Three Blind Mice

Where are the US women
all 17 of the Senators
do all believe in wars
protect Israel and oil
And this rightist land
with our borrowed gold
of endless mercenaries
and technology we sing
My US Voice of America
will ring around world
of this Roman Homeland
here all are protected
America Israel England
stand together or fall

This History Will Know

There must have been a
dedicated Brother Hood
of thieves US criminal
lair of Three Brothers
sired by two other men
All together a picture
The World First Family
of International Crime
Historian looking back
see them as US Weapons
Great Mass Destruction
A Hitlerian Technology
Save the US Fatherland
of our White Supremacy

Our Punishment A Crime

This is not just dream
Fact of this matter is
we have been left with
this pathological baby
wants to be this ruler
of everything they see
A point is approaching
desire must be stopped
Must send my baby away
but save my bath water
Someone else will come
not quite so demanding
as to invent the crime
to fit this punishment

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
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