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Faith of Our Fathers | Poem

Faith of Our Fathers
by Frank Anthony

If we watch conditions of the country, played out on television all over the world, the media would have US believe children are dying, of a new scourge, in every state. New images of babies screaming as needles of processed germs pierce their bodies; at risk children under eighteen and elders over sixty-four cue up to escape the new specter of death. What is this mystery of which we all have such a fear? Did Anthrax and Twin Towers bring this down on US? Do we fear Bush wars of nuclear bombs raining down on our enemies? Or is this a play back of Biblical Armageddon?

Scientifically, we can prefer to chalk it up to contemporary mass hysteria. The next step for millions of sheep on an aspirin a day or other drugs; is to get our fix, our ten percent solution: US slaves to a drug industry taking over our lives. Is there no way out of this mass migration, of otherwise intelligent people, to the mumbo jumbo the doctor says? Anthrax: we protected the politicians. Influenza: we save the babies, children and elders. What is the next cost of this fear industry? Where is the end?

For the faithful, the end is the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega. It is Father Paul and Reverend Norman Koop with their Greek and Roman mystery of the ancients. Without drugs their faith has transcended, plague after plague, for those of us who choose to believe faith is the only solution for the mysteries we inherit.

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