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History Knows Crime & Punishment | Poem


       Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony
Gathering Together?

Nothing Lasted Forever
More you are the dream
which I was supposedly
back at the homecoming
Can they all recognize
any body there anymore
more faces all strange
subtle as a snow storm
safe at the end of May
Then comes old William
should go on with Mary
and this party is over
Everyone expected more
but it is all there is
back at the homecoming
And Gathering Together
The men are powered by
the unconscious father
figure in all we do be
or think of the tether
that holds US in place
To start my new family
of this woman I choose
I must enter her world
as much as she is mine
Male is prone to stray
so the dominant female
makes him want to stay
What the animals share
our half belongs there
Can We All Be Together
Do we actually believe
in the teaching of God
US Jesus gave US faith
the power of our money
what does that measure
The Arab has his Allah
and falls on his knees
to follow his true God
was that ever for sale
Denied that he becomes
bombs or flaming torch
lighting up US Nirvana
Is there space for all
in the Kingdom of Zion
(c)2003 Frank Anthony
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