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Notes to God's Learning Channel | Poem


Notes to 
God's Learning Channel

There, there, Faye Hardin, Calm Down

20 November 2009

Maurice Strong is not seeking world wide Paganism
he's not an 80 year old boogieman
some demon has scared our blondie Faye
we will not eat or have jobs
if we go off our addiction to oil...
bless be Faye...surely you see
the great increase in breathing diseases?
our very own drinking water now coming in bottles?
Maurice Strong and Barack Obama seek
only to turn the tide of human pollution
and another thing
what would be wrong with world wide health care
if America could support it which we can not.
are you not weary yet dear Hardin
of following your fears
spreading it to others then asking for money?
This Earth is your home too
please help us clean it up.
The sick and suffering of this Earth
is the burden of all of us.
Please go now
send your dollars to
Doctors Without Borders.

why do you want to believe the lies?

9 September 2009

you believe :
Medicare is going away
Saudi Arabia owns cable news channels
America will become a communist country

and why do you choose to believe these lies?

_because President Obama told Israel to stop building new settlements

_because President Obama wants a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel

_because President Obama wants us to show our country has compassion for all Americans who need health care

and you want none of that

hang on! we're goin' for a ride...

here's a fact Fay Harden

20 August 2009

thousands of American's are lining up
for health care at free clinics
brought to you by big insurance
you wanna talk about who's using ocult powers?
talk about who's grandfather brought a skull
to the Skull and Bones society
here's a clue: Bush Bush Bush
don't look around Fay Harden
who is being compassionate
and who will do/believe anything
for the God Almighty Dollar?
you want the food handouts to be from churches
after they've received a sermon
instead of simple handouts from the government
which is made of up we the people
who the majority elected

you really want a Theocracy
there's plenty of examples off our Eastern shore.
and you would have our democracy fail
than keep your religion out of politics?

alas and alack
Fay's inner child is missing in action...

Fay Harden

19 August 2009

she dreams of President Obama & family
and brings it to the daytime TV screen
as if her dream was facts about the family
of Honorable President Obama & family
instead of understanding
the ugliness within her head is her own
now used in the same ol' same ol' way
continuing on her own personal
psychonaut journey
even as we all learn the Bible
is full of contridictions and readers have a choice
to follow the "fire and brimestone" Jesus
or the gentle Jesus of peace
and we all know
following the gentle Jesus places power
in NO hands
but lo and look what the followers of brimestone Jesus seek:
personal power

Take a good look at the background of this page
dear reader who fell upon this page...
that is where your "fire and brimestone" Jesus leads

You think he is not pissed?
Think again!!!11

Living Constitution

6 July 2009

nada na na na Al, Tommie, et al
our founding fathers did NOT
carve our constitution into stone
the very Very fact that they in their wisdom
knew they were not the end of know all
ergo they wrote in provisions
for amendments
allowing the possibility
wiser ones would follow as they
would begin where our founders left off
and forthwith would flow
a more perfect union.

p.s. pontificaters of US constitution being set in stone
(like God's Learning Channel programmers)
please read "Plain, Honest Men:
The Making of the American Constitution"
by Richard Beeman.

be kind to our web footed friends

4 April 2009

as we were once web footed too
(some still are...jus' to remind us)
poor Catholic Billy boy O'Reilly
ears tuned only into what he was willing to hear
that he could spin for his listeners
oh shock shock shock
President Obama told Strasbourg, France
"No torture." even as
Strasbourg cheers
along with 67% of Americans
who all heard
the uplifting lilt of
be kind to our web footed friends
they might be somebody's mother
or father and ducklings, we all know
are fragile...so be kind
to them
and to one another
com on Billy
will soften your lifetime pain
if you would fill but one Obama request
to all
O Israel
O Palestine
The world has listened for 60 years
Now is a good time
O Palestine and O Israel
to listen to one another.

17 January 2009

no, the devil didn't make you do it

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv
high rise proud believer
the devil really only
may be the temptation
but no body makes you do it
but your own
splitting hairs at night
waiting for another dawn
and another dawn there's  only a few
"We'll stop firing if you stop firing
see we
are not occupying Gaza
only controlling it
by land, air and sea."
sounds like a concentration came to me
In the Name of God!
thar's too many eyes dead
for one eye
Hark! the devil's angels sing
who here has most fear of death?
why  i tell ya it's dem dat  profess
heaven after death but none of those bodies
want to die to get there how good can it be?
if'n you don't accept dee facto
yer gonna die
how ya ever gonna live?

1 January 2009

Ms. the 48 hour LULL that wasn’t

the equation:
100 Arabs to 1 Jew or
1 Jewish eye is equal to 100 Arab eyes
or how will you have it
who pays the doctor bills for starters
the World Tax dollars of $60 billion
to aid the suffering Palestinians
a bundle load of candles in their homes
Santa Maria
when electric goes out all over the world
will there then be silence?
no bombs bursting their light before the kill?
what an evil trick on the primitives still among us
still believing destruction from the Heavens
comes from the God they believe in
while meanwhile back to the missile throwers
they who taught the primitives of God’s anger
proceed to pound our Mother Earth with their explosions
do let us not fool ourselves
it is not so divided as to
nationality, tribes, clans, corporations…
who broke the truce
where are the olive trees
who the bush and who the brave
what is David and Goliath
if not a metaphor passed down
by those who will please remember.

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