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26 January 2003

In A Hand Full of Dust

by Frank Anthony

         Ministers used to sell US fear of the word of God of the unknown, until one day we got rid of God. Money and medicine, all we ever need is
available in America, so much is here we just get sick of it.
        America master of Super Race, here we have so much of everything, no end to our omnipotent power. Non stop TV brainwashing with Monica Lewinsky, destroyed Boy Wonder Bill, got US ready for George II.
        The Twin Towers of Babel were traded, for our future security, time
purchased with the Rights of Man. Without the Mighty Dollar, mercenaries
saturating every last man, how else could we have bought Afghanistan?
        A few thousand deaths here, or a few thousand more there in Iraq,
everyone on earth has to die sometime. Thousands on Eisenhower highways or by the knife, wrong medication: Einstein said it was relativity.
        But, that does not apply to me.

(c) 2003
Reprint permission given

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