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Stone Piles of the HodenOshonee Cedar-Wood and Reunited by RAIN | Poem




     Reunited by RAIN

                Stone Piles of THe HOdenOshonee Cedar-Wood

                  An Arboreal Sanctification


             Branch Medicine-Magics/Heart ChARms


--A Dancing—
“Equal and opposite reaction” to Skip/Flitaction
YES—Chickadee Flock sets
THe Dead/yet incredibly springy/resilient/
Lower branches of THe Cedar-Trees
             --A Dancing—


11 Beadlets of Last NiteÂ’s Ice Rain
Strung along branch of THe
                   Prickley Ash—THe
Stringent inner bark A NAtive MedicAtion—
HOdenOshonee SnOWshoe certainly recommendsit

11 Ice-Beads along a jagger-studded branch—
Each Bead ablaze w/ its own DAy
                            11 Suns
Even by HOdenOshonee standards


Branches of THe Northern White Cedar—
THornapple—TAmarack recently felled
THinning THe young White Ash Grove

Slender/curving Branches gnawed nakedly/strikingly
Bone-White bY THe Hungry WhIte-Tailed Deerand Snow-
Shoe Hare of HOdenOshonee Cedar-Wood

Branches nakedly/strikingly thrilling intheir
Visual similitUde tO March NEW MOOn
                           above Ash Grove hung



    StonePiles of THe HOdenOshonee Cedar-Wood


O—GhOstly StOne Piles

Of THe HOdenOshonee Cedar-Wood

Hemmed in now by impenetrable Cedar-Brake


THose hardiest of pioneer species

Reclaiming for NATURE the abandoned farm-

Land that had once ringed these Stone Pilesround

Densest of Northern White Cedar now

Restoring Forest w/ a vengence

O—GhOstly StOne Piles

Of THe HOdenOshonee Cedar-Wood

By the Deep Mid-Winter

Not sO much mounded-up StOne

As a coverless enclOsure filling up

                                             With SnOw

Where primordial Forest had fallen

Now Forest riseth again

Except where Stone’s piled Stone on Stone—

Stone on Stone--Where the former

Forest Ground lies buried deep

And only the Moss groweth Green


Mossen Testaments

To a Forest Sacrifice—

Monuments to A Long-Forgotten Time—

A TIme when timber of ancient split-railfence

Stood TAll and Green in THe Cedar-TRee--

HAUnt of THe GhOstly SnOWshoe



And even more sO now

In the reverential hush

Of A February SnOw-Fall

ALL THese GHOSTLY Silences












Reunited by RAIN

RainÂ’s coming down
ComeÂ’n down from Mother
Sky—Clouds—over-head Boughs—Leaves
Get’n wet—Don’t have much choice in thematter

Rain’s falling—Fall’n onto Riverbank
Riverbank Grasses—Riverbank Bedrock
Totally sOaked—Get’n sO easy—O—YEAH

Rainwater’s running down Tree Trunks—Legs—
Fernstems—Creeks—Deer Trails—Trout
Tails—THe Middle Branch O’ THis OswegatchieRiver
AH—Beauteous Unity

EvrythingÂ’s glistening and wet with liquidprecipitation
Alienation evaporates—HEY-YAH-HEY—Barriers
Fall/dissolve in THese united states ofRAIN
All of US—At ONE

WorldÂ’s wet and WaterÂ’s in
Motion—Goin back to our primal/
Original One-ness—In Wilderness Waters--
Life like it was in THe Ocean

                                  Between THe River and EW Gut


An Arboreal Sanctification

(TOdayÂ’s Messagefrom THe Sender of Messages/ THis late-WinterÂ’s AM)
Walking by fenceline Hickories
I notice an intensified Shine
From the North-Side

Walking ½-way round
Ancient Old Apple-TRees—
Yes—An intense directional effect

Encircling Male White-Ash-TRee
In THis deliberate bringing of TRee-TOp
                                         against THe Sun-Father
At one and the same time

Both Blackening w/ Shadow and En-Flamingw/
A White-FIre-WhIte Radiance
“TOo BrIght to behold”

THis Baptism/THis NATURE Super-Naturale
SImultaneously sanctifIed bY HIgh-FIre--
DeifIed bY Ice

                                   Morning after Late-
                                   Winter Ice Rain



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