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 Immaculate Conceptions
    Rank and File

 Like out of our dreams
 and we find each other
 In between there seems
 we were seeing another
 On the long dusty road
 of life play deception
 help each other unload
 the endless exceptions
 Suddenly there you are
 and you had never gone
 grasp a vanishing star
 so we both can condone
 we have been all along

 Of Mischievous Fairies
>    Allah No Fairy

 Witness US destruction
 solid sovereign nation
 Children say to selves
 they treat us as elves
 who can accept America
 the greater fornicator
 than who we had before
 Another national whore
 US managed oil subsidy
 where everyone is free
 support the US company
 Their benign occupancy
 only requires poultice
 elves shall not notice
 A Seat Of Driver Waits
     Are You Ready

 You make it new mixing
 three or four new idea
 brands into new dreams
 and a stronger is born
 Olde prejudice is gone
 former ideas forgotten
 so faith in the future
 A shanghaied Shangrila
 awaits US in my future
 Only to take advantage
 the present situations
 has US in Drivers Seat
 Take it in hand and go
>(c)2003 Frank Anthony
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