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The Inside and the Outside | Poem

The Inside and the Outside

Neanderthal caves,
Bones of drummers,
Legbones of Beast,
The rhapsodies of shadows anciene,
O Drummers of the Sun!
O Drummers of the Sun!

Manhattan Mansions,
Electronic Jewelery,
Howling Jest,
The Silent Screams Moderne,
O Drummers of the Moon!
O Drummers of the Boom!

Newton's apple,
Darwin's ship,
Einstein's Eeeeequalseemceeesquarrred...!

O Drums of Ages,
Mummers of the sun and moon,
Hum to me my sweet/sad song!
Sing to me my reverie,
In Season's blasted hour!
.  .  .  . 
.  .  .

- Michael Warren Eliseuson