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  Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony
Manifesto Of Happiness
     On the Rocks

Let us begin New World
Order of my own choice
Come along if you want
More than you see here
Religions are worn out
American food a poison
US politics is a farce
soon we shall admit it
We sick of advertising
buy illness this world
of lonely men or women
out there who can give
lives to get rid of US

After Good Or Bad Ages
     New Age Ideas

What is my requirement
to make a people happy
Is there a denominator
works across the board
Dreams show us a world
Where this one element
waits to be introduced
into this old equation
Beyond every evolution
Universal or Empirical
radicals given to time
guarantee the solution
if all see it that way

Indifference To Deaths
    Traffic In Hell

You think you have all
you need to final life
pride heads for a fall
thus Lot lost his wife
She to see the burning
city turned to US salt
that made the ice melt
Before this big freeze
of 6 aircraft carriers
waited on sudden death
Nuclear Surprise Tanks
By the hundreds traded
A spent uranium wealth

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