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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

More Than You Can Chew
   New United Nations

I had greatest country
in the world I thought
But France and Germany
A BIG China and Russia
started new revolution
opening US Yankee eyes
We are greater country
folk together than USA
Rockefeller Rothschild
or that armed flotilla
intimidating old Islam
US of Zion and England
Choked on that pretzel

And We Go On Searching
    No Final Answer

There is in your dream
a symbol of in between
You have been tortured
now you seek an answer
Someone who shall take
from this lonely world
all of our imagination
in bed with temptation
How faint satisfaction
beyond a disappearance
finding one self again
This immortal illusion
tells them we are here
How William Blake Knew
   The Final Number

The meditation of this
dream was getting FOUR
A US of infrastructure
free of my restriction
carried since was born
in me Regulation Rules
The US of Israel Brand
unconsciously planting
signals we must follow
beyond the questioning
Who hoarded the jewels
of a secret illuminati
only FOUR can discover

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
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