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History Knows Crime & Punishment | Poem


Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

When Great Nations Die

Will you dream process
while the taking place
of the process goes on
some so very important
Are you in my position
where the many details
are time locked bodies
of some grand designed
end which is beginning
the manifesting itself
or a minor observation
of the supreme process
Notice this way people
are watching you today

Some General Semantics

Here are 10 days to go
and you found some old
dead unsmoking warhead
no smoke means no fire
What manner of a guest
will threaten the host
exposing their genital
regions while shopping
for their attic ghosts
without the unfriendly
cold area of adversity
spoiling the situation
Do I fear dead warhead
or the smoking warlord

Shoot Fish In A Barrel

Are we this hollow man
Eliot is talking about
Was this his Wasteland
or are you on this bus
hundreds and thousands
heading for Washington
with our silent scream
at US man who is dying
Shall Associated Press
of the Ununited States
hide the Demonstration
tells the world I care
less about Bush Co oil
than warm Muslim blood

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony

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