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A Novel Place | Poem

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A Poem a Day into the Millennium  14 November 1999


the world is complete
when I arrive
nothing is needed 
but to sing of it
warp and weft 
on the loom 
the fuller art 
the dying art (indigo blue and the cochineal red)
that can be pulled 
or replaced 
the cloth growing 
under and through the looming 
families that are separated 
by the daily strife
joined again 
in founding the university
an endowed chair 
for the study 
of black smokers 
and fumeroles 
the secret of the cloth 
being the volcanic heat 
that drove the looms 
bottled by partisanship 
freed by the telling 
renews the vent 
and all prosper 
in the old hills 
their bones hidden 
and graced by verdant growth 
surrounding the families 
some face the morning sun 
others warmed by the evening glow 
but all within the circle of the hills all part of this world 
to be sung
- Ken Peters

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