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Sifting the Ashes | Poem


A Poem a Day into the Millennium
23 November 1999


  the eye is on fire 
   the forms the eye sees are on fire 
   fire of passion
   fire of possession 
   fire of hatred 
   fire of infatuation 
   birth, death, sorrow, lamentation,
             misery, grief, despair 
   pride, fear, exhaustion, ennui,
             gluttony, sloth, 
   are all on fire 
   the ear is on fire 
   sounds are on fire 
   the nose is on fire 
   smells are on fire 
   the body is on fire 
   all the tangible world is on fire 
   the mind is on fire 
   ideas are on fire 
   heaven and hell 
   and all your angels and devils 
   are on fire 

- Ken Peters

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