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Patchen up the Breeches 
On the whole, 

Not a half-bad day on the 

Other side of the rainbow, 

Out past Neverwhere... 

Snoopy and Rackety-Coon Child 

Curled up at King Aroo's feet, 

Rolling in furry hysterics 

As he outlandishly voices 

Last Sunday's "Little Flower"; 

The round-headed kid staring 

In utter devotion at the Princess 

From the Kingdom Next Door, 

Joined in adulation by 

The little red-headed girl; 

Lucy, Albert, and Yup-Yop gabbling 

With their heads together over the 

Small dark Pigpen cloud near where 

Sparky's trying to convince Walt and 

Jack that something's gone wrong if 

He's been allowed in here. 

Walt's been threatening to call out 

Ken and the Little Green Deer as 

Classic counter-example, but 

As usual, it's Ol' Porky who sets 

The old grey heart to beating again: 

"No, Sparky. You're here because you 

Convinced a gazillion kids that 

Everyone's really too much everybody 

Everywhere. We've met you, Charles, 

And you're part of us." 

- David W. Mitchell 

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