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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

Pharaoh Was A Wise Man
     What Is Bush

A young start out with
this idea of something
thinks going somewhere
acquired something new
maybe becoming honored
as one of this unusual
choice between doubles
which nothing expected
was the only way to go
Dreams are a deception
Young Joseph old Egypt
sold Pharaoh frugality
Bush threw away a sink
Why Get Yourself A God
   Poets Make Choices

Anthony Briks Continue
The traditional poetry
Of John Berryman Pound
Doctor Wallace Stevens
Combine the three they
Stand for and you have
The six characteristic
Elements of Futuristic
Universal Philosophies
Govern A World of Time
Robert Penn Warren had
Millennium Sickness as
Due To the Rule of Men
Uncle Tom Special Soup
    Let Them Eat Cake

Well why be US radical
is this the time to be
extreme or fundamental
How do you find things
A status quo satisfied
situation surrounds US
or is someone in there
setting off fire alarm
US red alert condition
A Bush Pearl Wolfowitz
Cabala stirs up US pot
Rice Powell Uncle Toms
give US our good smell

(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
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