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Poems Chant Slowly in Repeating Silence | Poem

Poems Chant Slowly in Repeating Silence

In vast embrace with stars,

Be whole and round,

Begin with this earth,

In the brilliant-bright,

That is young and passionate,

Beginning with the moon;

All sons of earth,

Be more ancient in your burning,

Be oldest in your glory,

Ending with the sun;

Praise the promise,

Of the peace always in you,

Go crying in the valleys,

Where all is dying,

Know the spirit of rain;

Earth sacred,

Now returning,

To light this season of life,

Yet undied in the inward sorrows,

The whole earth loves,

To be known again;

All vigil fires,

Rejoice the sparks,

Be whole in the stones,

Alone in the wilderness,


Bird language sings sacredly,

Old shamans like it,

Soul's perish,

Raptures glide,

Forever angel of the sand,

Ecstatic Mysteries,

Glad for silence,

glad in the slow peace,

the silent peace that is meant,

The low solitudes of our highest selves.

- Michael W.arren Eliseuson