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  Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony
A Republican Democracy
 Funeral Fun For All

Arise claim the equity
the bought aristocracy
sent to the Wastelands
Arid spiritual deserts
Each one who spun aria
of feigned democracies
begins with Plutocracy
A hairy apes with club
apical apex of sick US
led by a SWAT disaster
teamed old mercenaries
Games in this Coliseum
a masquerade Collegium
So Now This Must Go On
    P.T. Barnum

Here the greatest show
Managing with bullshit
that moves US audience
We will simply make it
happen before the eyes
From out of the nobody
who was unknown before
comes the new capacity
of fair in love or war
overwhelming this dead
complicit constituency
waiting tobe convinced
born dumb every minute
Lucid Impossible Dream
      Go Brach

Their stupid situation
is like being stranded
this middle of nowhere
on their way back home
It was before security
not worry about losing
lives limbs or liberty
material mattered some
but a spirit commanded
other down deep inside
force an indescribable
quality everyone loves
We called the American

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