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Rapture of Eagles | Poem

Rapture of Eagles

Light of the spirit,

A feather softly there,

Wise everlastingly sings the Great Spirit;

Day is known in blessing eagles,


Broad as day,

Winged, clawed, beaked,

Dreams and visions found;

What broke the eaglet from its egg,

Was the white pine's top blasted by the bolt,

In dawns of love bursting eagle-eggs,

To sing the song that nests did bring,

Having found it sings it well!!

All to cling in falling mists,

Rains together rainbows bring,

In cloud-tops find us sing us well,

Sing it well for love has found us,

In feathers storied sung and flown,

To love all passings forever over!!

Sky shadows and sun feathers,

Their story else,

Sun made eagles moonlight loving,

Tu-wit!   Tu-woo!

Unlike the owl,

Matters greatly vaster,

Mist in silence spoken,

When skimmed shadows are no more!!

Passes the eagle, then no more,

Their hearts drop from the sky,

Airy shadows storied over,

Stories made to earth-sky blown,

Stories in the rustling,

Feather hold they hand to fly!!

Storied bright storied burning,

Daylight in the night and guides no need,

High on the down of the dawn all feathers float and fall,

One by one down feathers to fly,

and these are eagles meant!!

We and greater matters of ourselves,

The awareness of the mark on we,

On the ground of dawn our wing-marks grind,

To cross our wings and sing,

Our shadows seen 'round all to see,

Our circlings 'round ourselves,

Our highest spiral-flight to heights higher,

In forever misting clouds,

High above peaks craggy refuge to know,

Together flying wings to sound the mountain,

Sky-summoned to dreams and visions,

Eagle's rapture is our bliss,

Star-crossed kisses the abyss to life,

Eternity shattered and lifts the broken sky,

On pale wings meets the song that made itself,

And sings it well,

Sends a feather to the ground!!

- Michael Warren Eliseuson