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Re Inspired | Poem

Re Inspired
   Oh, no!

   What shall I do?

   Where do I dig for words?

   What words grow where?

   Not the hot house library!

   Where is that wild garden?

   Growing wilder words?

   How shall I find them?

   How shall they be gathered?

   I have no basket, no wheelbarrow, no pockets for anything....

   I shall go there, anyway,

   Just to see if I can find the place,

   And if I do, what then?

   Sit down and stare bewildered?

   Or let myself be plucked?

   All questions, again?

   No, not those questions....

   Just the ones that count!

   I remember one thing:

   In that garden, there are no questions,

   Only exclamations!

   I remember now,

   That is why we go there....

   ...and I am gone.

   - Michael Warren Eliseuson