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Red River Red River | Poem


Red river slow river
below the Star Of Burma
dew of the heat
in the shade of the hills

"Notice how the star donates itself
to the splendor and blaze
of the illuminated hills"
Shining...of course
I do see it my compadre
"This is a wonderful place to be"
May Iread to you my favorite psalm"
The hardness of my heart
my simple red construct
would prevent that I fear
Perhaps I may be softened
by the spirits of the desert
perhaps then my friend
you may glorify me
you man chant

"It is not chanting"
I understand
I will learn as we go
Our journey will fortify
our affection and esteem
Your knowledge and faith
adds volume to my own
slow river body of salt
I have the pleasure of a grain
a particle of sand re-washed
and salted back to my own shallow sea
But I lack the moisture
to re-hydrate myself
to expose myself to air
to any of God's creatures
except you and I am your millstone

"You are my angel"
As we stand upon the glowing dunes
with warmth and the rising moon
beneath the spray and vapor of the sky
"Oh" why do you say?"
stumbling in the cooling sand
I mumbled my confusion
You are a man
why do you say?
"Because it may not be unsaid"
Your mind is a wonderful mystery
Let us fly like a brace of wolves
across the sparkling glass
and wind and beauty
of this moment in time
to the well

- Ron Diebold

to Ron   /  to Moongate



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