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Kick | Poem



     "I run because
       I am a pale witness
       in the jaws of silence"
Another sky pierced to the crust
above another blue world
a different blue world
or half sleep...sleep
half life...half
half rain and half dust
half brown words squirt
from the hazelnut rot untoothed
and the angry curling bee-slip mouth:
       "More moon than sky
       but less man than moon...
       I will strike you!"

One hundred and sixty smells
One hundred and sixty human stews
fermenting on the half shell
Ape-kick giggle and loll
and spiral in the midnight razor wire
The glory of cordite
clouds in a bloody white sky
This obsession tastes very rich
we must take small bites
We all eat from each other
Our wives are weeping
weeping crying and cracking
as they touch
candle to candle
while taper pins and die springs
fall from their eyes

Drawing the dark line
around the brazine fearbox
and the brassy musk of fear
and the ointment of fear
comes to me and lays with me
heads my weighty chest with oil
two oily red lights lick and chesty oil
from my dark drawn
hard drawn deep deep breath

       "The noise and speed of night
       hammered the morning shut"
Another golden hoax
another chain link host
of silvered and tempered wire
choking the daylight down
with a sweet sick
too sweet cup of tea
...or water

- Ron Diebold

Clay of the Earth   /  Red River Red River



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