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96 Corona Way
Carmel Highlands CA  93923-9617
1-(831) 624-1689

{{More biography covering non-translation work can be found in Marquis' Who's Who in the Media and Communications}}


As editor, poet, journalist:

Founder and Executive Emeritus
Oregon Coast Rural Information Services Cooperative
Co-editor: Talus and Scree, an international literary journal
           The Far Cry, an Internet news/opinion publication      

As current full-time professional translator/editor of Russian scientific publications:

Spectrum Translation/Allerton Press  New York, N. Y.  1959-present
Duties: Contract translator. Editor of translations from numerous languages in fields ranging from botany to quantum physics 

Cover-to-cover translation of high-level scientific journals. Revision and upgrading of substandard translations from European and Asian languages 

Russian Business Consultants
Livermore CA                          1997-present

Duties: Contract translator, specializing in nuclear engineering, industrial standards, construction, joint venture industrial projects

Russian Language Services//All Language Alliance
Colorado                              1996-present

Duties: Contract translator and editor, specializing in medicine, industrial standards, nuclear/chemical threat reduction, etc.

Plenum Publishing Company New York, N. Y.     1961//1994 

Duties: Contract translator
Responsibilities: Cover-to-cover and panel translation of high-level scientific journals
Burravoe, Colchester UK   2002-

Duties: Patent-related foundational documents from technical literature.
Responsibilities and skills consistent with material for court proceedings.

As consultant in scientific/computational design heuristics:

JD Technics/Filz & Associates         Waldport/Yachats  OR         1984-1996
Duties: heuristic design engineering, mechanical design, CAD
Responsibilities: conceptual solution of knotty multivariate design problems
    Co-designer/programmer: ESAM project. Early communications package for cerebral palsy victims with one voluntary movement.

Northwest Technologies       Waldport  OR         1983-1984
Duties: design of machine translation models


TRANSLATED PUBLICATIONS: Totaling 35+ million words, with individual titles
sometimes appearing sporadically over several decades  

For Spectrum Translation/Allerton Press

Numerous books in the Air Force FTC translation program, ranging from
Skryabin's 'Trematodes' to monographs on motor oil formulation, radiation
dosimetry, and gravimetry.

A variety of translations under the US JPRS and FIBS programs dealing with
the medical and biological sciences, mechanical engineering, etc.

Cover-to-cover journal translations, including:
            Ukrainian Chemistry Journal
            Ukrainian Biochemistry Journal
            Soviet Agricultural Sciences
            Siberian Chemistry Journal
            Mendeleev Chemistry Journal
            Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin
            Soviet Coke and Chemistry
            Soviet Petrochemistry
            Problems of Desert Development
            Soviet Mathematics (Izv. VUZ)
            Moscow University Mathematics Bulletin
            Cytology and Genetics
            Soviet Immunology
            Soviet Virology
            Soviet Biotechnology
            Soviet Oceanography
            Surface Engineering
            Russian Engineering Research
For Plenum Publishing:

Books: Vol'kenshtein, Enzyme Physics
            Bondarev and Samsonov, Germanides
            Symposia: Water in Biological Systems (3 volumes)

Cover-to-cover and panel journal translations, including:    
            Soviet Atomic Energy
            Soviet Journal of Marine Biology
            Soviet Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry
            Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
            Soviet Journal of Ecology
            Soviet Electrochemistry
            Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves
            Soviet Journal of Glass Physics and Chemistry
            Soviet Physics - Semiconductors
            Soviet Journal of Low Temperature Physics
            Soviet Plant Physiology
            Soviet Materials Science
            Soviet Genetics
            Hydrotechnical Construction
            Journal of Engineering Physics
            Measurement Techniques
            Fluid Dynamics
            Inorganic Materials
            Biology Bulletin
            Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR,
                Division of Chemical Sciences
            Chemical and Petroleum Machine Building
            Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal
            Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
            Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils
            Chemistry of Natural Compounds
            High Energy Chemistry
            Kinetics and Catalysis
            Colloid Journal
            Cosmic Research
            Soviet Physics - Crystallography
            Metal Science and Heat Treatment
            Molecular Biology
            Soviet Journal of Developmental Biology
            Soviet Power Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics
            Instruments and Experimental Techniques
            Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology
            Soviet Radiochemistry
            Glass and Ceramics
            Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering
            High Temperature
            Water Resources
            Protection of Metals
            Industrial Laboratory
            Journal of Analytic Chemistry
            Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology
            Journal of General Chemistry
            Journal of Organic Chemistry
            Journal of Applied Chemistry
            Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
            Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
            Journal of Structural Chemistry
            Soviet Physics - Technical Physics

Haverford College, Haverford PA     1958-1961


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