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Retroactive | Poem




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Retroactive Reality

Hollyweird eating its own tail,
The liberal media achieved retroactive
Revenge on Raygun reality,
The same winter Ronnie's minions
Stormed Sacramento to turn golden
Californicators' dreams to lead,
By inventing the Summer of Love,
Projected then into a future that
Never happened, but is universally remembered
Anyhow (if not always the same year)
The first mass virtual event.

Advertising over the rainbow planned
Obsolescence little suspected the human
Race, continuing to proliferate earthly
Bodies, would cybercatholicize rapport
Exit reality. Traditional trail-bound
Village minutiae turn out to have
Known at least two real trees,
Six authentic haybarns and one
Thoroughly genuine flatulent equine,
Which is more than instant feedback
Feedback of worldwide reports on
Reporting the war between the Joy of
Frying spinoff with the spin doctors.

A generation later, guess what, folks?
Reality unraveled in 1966, and
Hasn't held form since. Just one question?
Are those of us who remember there
Ever was such a thing more or less
Disoriented by the loss than those who never?

- Uncle River

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