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Review of: 
JULY 1999 by David Donlon

       "Finished the Whitman poem when I was in Chicago this week. It was quite impressive. Had I not known the title, I would have still quickly known it as a homage to Whitman. The poet did an excellent job of capturing Whitman's ear and pacing; indeed I think he has a smoother delivery than Walt." - Ward Kelley

        "Somehow, the voice of lyric reason, shrouded in its passions, never 
quite dies. David Donlon restores it to political dialog in this powerful 
retelling: the author's focus is provided by two sets of eyes positioned an 
age apart, yielding a rare temporal and emotional binocularity. The voices 
interweave in a manner that raises the tone far beyond pastiche, to create a 
chorale for our time." - David Mitchell

       "This is quite an epic poem and certainly written in the style of 
Walt. At times you can feel the spirit of Walt Whitman residing in the 
lines, and yet the voice of the author speaks clearly and well of  his own 
pain at the state of America from his generation's viewpoint. His heartfelt 
cry for love to heal the ridden cities is true and the immensity of the 
scope of his poem is a feat in itself. I don't know who this young poet is, 
but he's definitely going to be around for a while with work like this. It's wonderful." - Marilyn McIntyre

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