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Shame on Me? | Poem


5 Febuary 2003

Following Powell Premeditated Persuasion

by Frank Anthony

Shame on our American Press. If there ever was a time when the freedom we brag about, to the rest of the world, should be practiced it is NOW.

Where is the Associated Press when three fourths of the people in
England demonstrate they do not want the invasion of a helpless, persecuted nation?

Where is the AP when veterans of the US travel to Iraq placing
themselves as human shields, an umbrella to protect Iraqi people from our
rain of missiles?

And where is the AP when our homeless veterans starve on our big city
streets? Do we lack compassion in kinder gentler America?

The test of a democratic people is whether or not, in times of stress,
there is a voice of dissent, two points of view. Can it be we are so ashamed of what this President is pushing us into that even the media is playing down, with cartoons, invasion of a sovereign nation for oil?

Surely it does not take six wars, during the last sixty years, to
show us when we have become hypocritical and it is time to change?

And shame on those of us trained to write if we say nothing about
this mess!

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