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28 January 2003

Six Questions We Must Answer

by Frank Anthony

        A Black man who spent most of his life in Prison, has given the world
his bottom line: If we see there is injustice, and we do nothing about it,
then we are the injustice.
        A bully decides to attack a weaker person, animal or country, but we do not want to get involved. So, noting no objection, he kills. What does that say about the observer?
        How many have been killed, seeing no challenge, is it ever necessary?
        And how many people have lived in slavery, knowing no one cared about their hell on earth?
        Are countries, which are victimized by the powerful, to be ignored
until ruined? What kinds of a people live, under the umbrella of the
powerful, while killing goes on?
        And, when shall it be time to find out what we actually stand for ?

(c) 2003
Reprint permission given

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