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From over 1,000, poet chooses six favorites | Poem


Six Favorite Poems of Ken Peters



 brazen hussy of a city

 onliest diamond

 on that stringy Route 10 necklace

 black drum tattoo  adornin’

 soft lily-white

 underbelly Dixie

 cloacal end of Middle America

 drunk with music

 revealed in masque

 wise in the science  of magic

 and callin’ my name

I Don't Believe In Fate
sometimes the swim upstream

is the only way home

while the rockers chime

jocular scapula rays swim by

I feel free

I feel my hands slip on the ring

while savings are made

and spendings are wasted

kismet kissed my ass and my balls

but left me for a younger man

so now I walk below the umbering trees

and penumbering hills

the path is hard to see

in the grass

but I don't believe in fate

unless it feels good

Come too far

come too far

on this wind

cruel and cold

to step back from the edge

open up

when the sun comes

close down like a small town

when the dark creeps

the bullet's deep

against the bone

like Buddha said

like Jesus said

and I can't tell up from down

Coyote Waits

the trickster, the scavenger

omen of death

I'm headed his way

and he waits with

raised ears and ragged breath

Why This Gravity?
I'm a verb

sometimes intransitive

but no noun

             Then why this gravity?

things appear and multiply

I glance away

but can't dance away

             why this gravity?

a gene for acquisition

a definition by possession

a penchant for adhesion

             why this gravity?

useless, binding, boundless

conjunctive, congesting, conditional

             why this gravity?

liquid acrobats live in atmosphere

defy and laugh

sing of bubbles and refractions

while I remain on the high wire tight rope

balancing a chair, a dresser and a chain saw

Top o' the food chain to you

you have to smile

to transform the march

into a parade

you have to laugh

to let the parade

become a dance

here at the approximate

top of the food chain

beset by insects

insulted by fungus

laid low by microbes and pollens

easy does it

easy does it

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