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Sleeping Through the Afternoon Rains | Poem


wanting against hesitation
the formless thing to form

in the three o'clock afternoon
out of the topheavy clouds

wind in the branches
thunder in the chest

the wonder of flesh
undreamed as I dreamt it

suddenly cooled by rain
the asphalt broils stream

toward the ripeness
of time to be wanting

wanting against hesitation
to mingle form and formless

in the very touch of whose laughter
the lonely time between battles fills

our joy caps palms
like an evening sun

I have touched the formless secret
I have felt the formless form

filled the moment
filled the body

wine of life
river of time

between us drained
where God alone has watched

touch after touch
emptiness filling the void

with sharp beads
against windowpanes

with your ear to the earth
you can hear the wormed root

with your ear to the earth
the snake is a loud traveler

the mole shouts his presence
with your ear to the earth

hug the tree trunk
put your ear to the earth

in the wet grass
we have sojourned

I wake as cool as the morning sun
and naked as the grass white
with its morning dew
The morning sun reveals the harsh bright day
The dew clings strangely to the grass
This is not Adam but some flesh tourist beside me

- John Horváth Jr

to Moongate

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