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Insignificant Suggestion Of A Path In A Painting
Hung In The Corner Of The Gallery


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Insignificant Suggestion Of  A Path In A Painting
Hung In The Corner Of The Gallery

Birds along the edge of the stream
peck at insects that seem to walk
on water or, if they fly, they are snatched from the air;
below  the surface glass, worms among grasses
and darting fish feast upon the insect gruel
hidden from overhead sight;  some birds dive
to  snatch the fishes from their feast; greater fish
on lesser fish feasting feast. The surface is flush
with  sunlight, unmoving like the carcass
of a  man along the edge of the stream.

Giant  swans with wings outspread glide
silently in the painting of the  evening
on  the farm outside the market center.
In  the reeds the village mayor rests
and watches the skies; he seems to say,
"I am  substantial enough--touch me."
There  is eminent intercourse in such moments.
Should the viewer respond or remain silent.

Much  as in galleries sophisticates avoid
visitors who too long stand and converse
audibly with the oils and the canvas,
as do the bird and the fish, we ignore
too  often the source and the beauty
of our short stroll along the edge.

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and graceful as clouds at night
murderous foe of mouse on
petal-soft small paws moves

dark eyes consuming starlight
comet tail of surprise
capture its calm game

silent wings ascend
into darkness beloved

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Your lips came rushing
to me in early morning
to awaken me

with a gentle kiss.
Flew through closed window
that shattered loudly

woke me from my sleep
to see myriad shards like
Abraham's countless stars

moving outward from
a still point unknown
where your lips met glass.

After my shower
I swept clean our bedroom floor
so that no one knows

you had been here.

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