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Poetry Offering from Frank Anthony

Time To Smell Our Rose
    Guns or Love

Covet jewels carefully
beauty is never scarce
but is hiding fitfully
from a sparse beholder
Guns loved by children
take the place of love
His childish games are
her favored discipline
the chocolate flavored
aneurysms of anomalous
kids who got work done
never went out to play
hospital the other day
Our Humpty On The Wall
   & More War

The criminal President
displays Grand Larceny
as this sport of kings
to use tragedy and war
backing of the wealthy
with bloating military
suspended human rights
to steal a second term
A millionaire Congress
fed by Israeli leaches
captured Supreme Court
and fixed voting boxes
Eisenhower has started
Nixon Reagan or Bushes
Libya Next On The List
    Mommar Mummery

Wuz you here when they
heard the old flimflam
token Rockefeller Blak
Man out of Tinsel Town
US come to bury Saddam
The euphoric euphonies
historic world Mummery
a Muslim Mummification
developed or terrorism
Developing is marketed
in the form of capital
or gory glory of bombs
endorsed by Uncle Slam
A US Kingdom of Israel
(c) 2003 Frank Anthony
Reprints with credit

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