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Ode To Thomas H. Keyes

from Summer Breeze

where ever you are

8 April 2001

thank you for your presence last evening sunset full moon wake
true love passing thru the abyss
that only which may

your gifts remain
your music,
the depth of your blue soul eyes
in this indeginious starving world

26 March 2001

when all hope is gone there is anger
shall we blame the apple for the worm
evolved humans live by conscious choice
apples become humus eaten or not eaten
seeds contain the germ of life
will sustain us in another time/space
remember me
i'll be the apple head with arms and legs flying
one big bite of a hole upon my brow

3 p.m. the news arrived
you suffer no more

~~~~:>  <:~~~~

16 March 2001

I tired, Tom, to get the world's attention
regarding the cruel Thailand jails,
how you suffered their inhumanity - the details,
well never mind the details,
no one who might help change Thailand's corrupt legal system, will listen.
The story of systematized destruction of human souls will not improve their ratings.

when the world is too much with us what else to do but poem

why does it feel like you are still here if you are gone
"because love, given, lives beyond life"
you laugh, "did you ever doubt it?"

yes i grieve
i grieve for this sorry world you saw too clearly
experienced too personally
railed too long
if you are truly gone from this incarnation i
imagining now you get to know and understand
all those millions of notes from your classical guitar found millions of ears touched thousands of hearts
(one pays their dues only touching one)
may i presume or assume your hobbing with the big boys
discussing notes lost and found?

O Tom
i wish i had told you my objections of morality
were the Thai people's aristocracy not you
i know
every flower you ever loved received
your all your precious love
what you gave the Thai was in flesh
it was not sitting on the mountain top chanting
surviving nine months of hell was miraculous
returning to a world of no understanding
how could i wish other
than what you wish for yourself
may you then find your
final lover

may you find your way home
when the world is too much with us what else to do but poem
where ever you are

to T.H. Keyes  ~ to Moongate




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