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Trouble In Heaven | Poem



A mere decade ago,
An eyeblink to the Gods,
The Computer did not know
That it too was a God.
Now the Computer rampages
Through the avenues of Heaven,
Scattering stock exchanges
And military industrial reflexes
Like a divine toddler
With infrastructure of nations
For tinker toys.

And we sit there,
In our billions,
Mesmerized by the vitality
Of a new God.
Trusting our destiny
To the brilliance of a
Self-intoxicated heavenly
While the rest of the
Gods – of tree and lake,
Of road and wheat,
And love and council,
Cower in the shadow of
Helicopter dragons.

The Gods have seen it
Before, and so have many
Of us. But we do not
Want to remember that
Two-year-olds have
Tantrums…while we
Gorge to stupefaction on
The expansiveness of
Our young electronic God.

by Uncle River, with 
editorial appreciation to Summer Breeze


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