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Untitled, Yes | Poem

Untitled, Yes

Searchlight stars to starve my soul,
Takes my heart and molds it to the wind,
In the long walk of heaven's own,
The death of Hell and the end of time,
The Gate of Hate thrown open to the pestering
Flies of Love!

Tell Pagorney I was there,
On the minute after his death,
What letter is this!
Unsigned, Unsealed, Unspoken for:
Call it Time and the History of Time,
Book with no Name,
No Lazarus,
No Grand Mufti,
Call it a knick-knack cat,
Or a donkey with no nose,
I tell you, Macheznicheck,
It matters not!

I tell you,
when a man dies,
The buses run faster,
The trains hurtle across their bridges,
For a long time there is a screaming,
Heard only by the gap-toothed wino,
Or a whore-lady stumbling by.

I tell you a man can faint
And not fall over,
Such a man will stand so long
To say the world is in his eyes,
By four o'clock his skin will tighten,
Turn to copper, then tin and bronze,
His eyes will open wide,
Then turn to stone,
In his lower back a large key protrudes,
I tell you Macheznicheck:

- Michael W. Eliseuson