Voodoo Stick Boogaloo. A Poem by Saira Viola

Did you get a red balloon for Valentines
Spin to win 4 overtime
Did you find your magic wishing star
Or collect a smile from the cookie jar
Did you see yourself on TV
And find Elysium in your sleep
Did you mist the mirror with morning dew
Rock the sidewalk in rose suede shoes
Did you think that love was a hallmark card
Or the bearded sonnets of a rum soaked bard
Did you use a voodoo stick and old shark’s tooth
To change your luck and repair the roof
Did you find yourself in the lost and found
Or fail your credit check for a bank account
Did you see the moon swim across the bay
Or find that needle in the hay
Were you free to run through Autumn’s leaves
Or shake your sorrows on a midnight breeze
Did you blink at car lights like scattered stars
And drown her face in a whiskey bar
Did you see your face a hollow ghost
Wizened victim of a holocaust.

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Saira Viola ia a best selling crime writer , satirist, song lyricist and creator of innovative lit technique sonic scatterscript. Her work is infused with undercurrents of politics, pop philosophy and black comedy

Saira Viola, Author at GonzoToday
Saira Viola is a critically acclaimed poet , author, song lyricist , satirist and creator of innovative lit technique self labelled sonic scatterscript .

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