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 When You See A Someone 
     Going Home
 Why must find a person 
 we must be the example 
 they follow first half 
 of our living together 
 And we reach the point 
 a path starts to cross 
 over can pull parallel 
 away from and opposite 
 to where we had headed 
 at first come together 
 animals in this jungle 
 trusting luck or fates 
 to get us home someday 
From Dreams To Reality
   The Potters Field
 Ideas I have contrived 
 in the mind and hearts 
 of an thousand readers 
 of my past and present 
 Acknowledged Forgotten 
 cleansed fires of time 
 by the ink of this pen 
 by God hereby forgiven 
 My dream fosters virus 
 like this in the souls 
 of unsuspecting idiots 
 imbecilic with moronic 
 contemporaries we pray 
 In Apple Picking Times
    As Blossoms Fall 
 A method of accounting 
 dream 1s how poets are 
 made more aware a life 
 that became repetition 
 Faces in a misty light 
 move around this daily 
 seeker never expecting 
 one more love out here 
 But the apples growing 
 insist their pregnancy 
 requires more harvests 
 Someone being the busy 
 attraction got a honey 
 A Enlightenment Church
      When Ready 
 I know you you know me 
 from unconscious dream 
 worlds we both inhabit 
 I automatically intuit 
 that we know eachother 
 brother sister of soul 
 shall you be satisfied 
 do not need some other 
 way to see an end game 
 Who needs some comfort 
 pristined predilection 
 of old predestinations 
 is not here yet we are 
(c) 2003 Frank Anthony

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