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With Life In His Hands | Poem

With Life In His Hands
       He is God
So how a cut or bruise
older heal more slowly
so young boy and knife
trying to be terrorist
flatten tires kill car
blood and air are life
if kept under pressure
death a surgeon or boy
make one fatal mistake
I live in daily terror
uncontrolled air blood
in my one night dreams
called life end it all

Sit Back and Enjoy The
     Last RideHome
Forget everything else
All I need to do is OK
have reached the point
spiritual labor reward
on earth has been mine
since back in nineteen
84 before the Bush War
A Christian Armageddon
will be many Big Bangs
before our whimper end
A Mass Destruct Weapon
to get rid of all evil
was built into our DNA

We Want To Be A Writer
      No Problem
We read somewhere life
has a beginning middle
and then comes the end
is it really so simple
Consider my last dream
cannot go into traffic
until you ride shotgun
then kids throw stones
as I ride into the sun
That could be an essay
of current college ilk
or stir in a sex scene
become new US novelist

Man With Tortured Soul
       To RPW
666 years ago ancestor
Mongol tribes of earth
began the Muslim drive
a superior yellow race
Jesus built a fortress
Of Christian and faith
but the Jew chose gold
and has challenged man
66 years ago our first
Poet Laureate R Warren
began his epic promise
to a year old daughter
in the Ruined Fortress

Children World Watches
      All of US
We will be accountable
to the children in our
midst who are watching
as we tend to US world
The dream says clearly
they can make mistakes
but they will remember
how we make up for our
transgressions against
our neighbors of world
poorly as depend on US
who hold our balancing
lives in our two hands

Began USA Standard Oil
     With OldJohn D
What are they training
the children in school
to be out in the world
Begin in the USA or EU
Church says love serve
the poor be missionary
and I make you A SAINT
School breeds soldiers
to service US industry
A National Destruction
leads to good business
in Developed Countries
Our Standard of Living

(c)2003 Frank Anthony

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