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Structure of the Aether | Poem




        It has one, that substance in which
          Our psyches move.  Aetherial, of course:
          To look at it straight on suffices to change
          It to something else; but fluid and mutable
          Imply neither arbitrary nor weak.

          Most prefer to shatter the aether often
          With lots of doing, interacting, and noise.
          This is necessary for the world as we know it
          To exist because it is shattered aether-bricks
          Which construct edifices of social convention,
          Simple and discrete enough for a complex, big
          Material society to maintain communication what
          Constitutes reality.  Fear also plays a part,
          Of course.  Reality extends beyond the simple
          And discrete, beyond what we can pin down,
          Let alone communicate, beyond our own lives.
          Most fear too much potential confusion;
          Many fear their own deaths.  But the
          Aether bricks which comprise the edifice that
          Is any society are broken-off bits of a
          Larger reality which does extend beyond our
          View and our lives, yet whose structure we
          May also observe, however incompletely.

          To observe the structure of the aether...
          Paying attention helps, as with any observation.
          Quiet helps: not agitating the medium,
          Which thus tends to relax the rigidity
          Of its form, but not necessarily to
          Amorphous chaos; rather to fluidity that
          Can reveal qualities of the medium itself.

          Pattern is inherent to human consciousness,
          But not a particular pattern.  There must be
          A pattern; but its content derives from a mix
          Of what we are and circumstance.  If sustainable,
          The simple and repeated disturbs the aether
          Least, thus can benefit observation.  Change
          Takes energy and wears on known pattern
          By which we can live; yet change is inevitable
          As the medium of reality itself is fluid.
          To observe the substance of which our own
          Awareness is made and is only a part can be
          Spacey, impractical, yet utterly necessary if an
          Individual or a society arrives at need to
         Find the place coherence can come from.

- Uncle River


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